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One Piece World Seeker - DLC schedule

One Piece World Seeker Has More DLC Coming

One Piece World Seeker has new DLC coming this week! The first featured everyone's favorite swordsman, Roronoa Zoro. This new chapter features Luffy's adopted brother Sabo. Embrace the power of the Flame-Flame Fruit in the DLC episode titled “Where Justice Lies.”

The new DLC gives fans the opportunity to play as Sabo as he attempts to stop the World Government from excavating Dyna Stones. These dangerous weapons of mass destruction are found only on Prison Island. Players would occasionally run into Sabo in the main game; now they have full control of the Revolutionary chief of staff! Playing as Sabo offers new abilities and attacks to use against the Navy. The new chapter features new missions and a new location: the Mirror World. Fans will remember this as the location Luffy battled Big Mom's son, Katakuri Charlotte. Sabo will have to face off against the awesome might of someone that nearly killed Luffy!

One Piece World Seeker Extra Episode 2: Where Justice Lies will be available to download on September 20th. Get it from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, or STEAM for $9.99. It is also part of the One Piece World Seeker Episode Pass, available to purchase for $29.99. Stay tuned for info on the final DLC chapter, featuring Trafalgar Law.