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Payne Returns!


Max Payne returns with a vengeance this Tuesday. The Max Payne series has had a bit of a bumpy ride but it seems that Rockstar Games is ready to take this franchise to the next level much like they did Red Dead Revolver. Check out the final trailer before Max bring the Payne on Tuesday!


Max Payne is not just armed with a single player campaign but also multiplayer. Here’s a look at multiplayer in action.



Players will see the return of the classic arcade modes Score Attack and New York Minute which will definitely extend the shelf life of the game and give gamers another level of competition amongst other players. Check out some images of the both arcade modes courtesy of our friends at Rockstar.


New York Minute


Who’s picking up Max Payne this Tuesday? Do you think Rockstar has the tools to make Max a household name again? Sound off in the comments.