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Planet Coaster - cover

Planet Coaster Hits Consoles Holiday 2020

Planet Coaster originally came to PC in 2016. Frontier Developments is the team that brought us Jurassic World Evolution; world-building is their specialty. This holiday season, they want to bring that expertise to current and next-gen consoles. This is Planet Coaster: Console Edition. Unleash your vision using simple yet powerful creation tools, control every aspect of your park with fun management features, and share any design imaginable online.

Planet Coaster - entrance
Planet Coaster: Console Edition – What to Expect

Unleash your imagination through simple yet powerful creation tools. Players will perform intricate piece-by-piece construction and freeform landscape sculpting. Conversely, you may build a sprawling park in seconds using hundreds of helpful blueprints, the choice is entirely yours. Sophisticated and fun management features allow you to control every aspect of your park. Set food prices, control the guest flow, hire staff, and watch riders react with delight and awe in real-time. Every decision matters as your coaster park flourishes.

Planet Coaster - rides
Invite Other Players!

Inspire and be inspired with the Frontier Workshop as you download an endless source of incredible content! Create your park based upon everything from fairy tale villages to futuristic cities. When you are ready, you can share your own designs with players across the world. In this global community of friendly creators, imagination is unlimited.

Planet Coaster - teacups

When Planet Coaster initially hit Steam, it immediately hit the top sellers lists. Over two million players worldwide have enjoyed the game on Steam. This holiday, console players get their turn to create their own worlds of wonder. Look for the game on current and next-generation PlayStation and Xbox systems. For more information, visit the official website.