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Poison Control - cover image

Poison Control Comes to PS4 and Switch in 2021

Poison Control is an upcoming action-RPG from the makers of Penny-Punching Princess and The Princess Guide. Prepare yourself to literally fight your way out of hell as you aid the mysterious Poisonette. This title currently has a launch window of Early 2021 on PS4 and Switch. As more launch details emerge, you will find them here.

Poison Control - SS03
About Poison Control

A mysterious phenomenon has caused spirits to become trapped within poisonous manifestations of their own personal despair. Only the haughty Poisonette and her amnesiac Soul Mate can purify them. As they venture through the various Belles' Hells, they encounter fallen souls longing for escape. They also face other Poison Maidens and twisted creatures born from the Poison Mires who threaten to stop them! What dark truths will they uncover about the venomous world around them… as well as each other?

Poison Control - SS01
Key Features

A Poisonous Partnership: Swap between the poison absorbing Poisonette and her gun wielding Soul Mate. Combine firepower and zone control to destroy the creatures of the Poison Mires. Unlock new weapons such as poison bombs, diffusions and fire poisons by purifying the Belle's Hells. Use various dialogue choices to enhace Poisonette's stats.

Enigmatic Encounters: In Poison Control, your Poisonette is one of many. You will encounter others and each has her own agenda. Deal with them and purify the fallen souls whose Belle's Hells you must cleanse in order to set them free.

Corrupt and Colorful: Experience a twisted tale with an art style as grim as it is charming. Vivid stages with vibrant gameplay effects will provide both a visual and visceral experience.

Poison Control is coming in early 2021 to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. You can pre-order the game now at the NISA Online Store. For full game details, make sure to visit the official website.