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Disgaea 6 Announced for 2021 Switch Release

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny aims to be the craziest adventure in the craziest SRPG series to date! The title introduces us to Zed, a Netherworld zombie. He “lives” a peaceful existence with his sister Bieko until the strongest god of Destruction steps in. Disgaea fans know that zombies are the lowest of the ranks (even Prinnies are higher). How will Zed protect his way of undeath for himself and his siter against someone so powerful? Find out when Disgaea 6 comes to Nintendo Switch next year!

Disgaea 6 - Zed attacks
About Disgaea 6

The Disgaea series has combined wacky characters and storylines with solid SRPG gameplay for nearly twenty years. Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny builds on that legacy adding new elements to tried and true mechanics. For the first time, a Disgaea title will feature 3D graphics along with the introduction of the Super Reincarnation system. Damage has always been insane, but this time the numbers are set to go into the quadrillions. HP and levels will also go beyond what previous games have seen. We look forward to seeing more new features leading up to the release. Head to the official website for full details.