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RAGE Works 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Gaming

RAGE Works is celebrating its second holiday season this year and we wanted to give our readers and podcast listeners some recommendations to help them with their holiday shopping. Our staff shares their recommended consoles, games and accessories to help you find a gift for your loved ones (or yourself of course). Happy Holidays from all of us at RAGE Works!


Console Recommendation

Xbox One: Last year, I recommended and purchased the Wii U and have enjoyed the handful of games that I wanted to get, but this year Xbox One has stepped up their offerings with backwards compatibility and a solid line-up of titles (even if some were refreshed versions of past titles). Xbox One and PS4 are neck and neck, but I gave the edge to Xbox because the backwards compatibility helps 360 owners transition to Xbox One.

Game Recommendations

  • Mad Max: The Game: Violent, visceral and a wild ride just like the films. Definitely worth a pickup or at minimum a rental!
  • Batman: Arkham Knight: While the season pass issues frustrated me, I cannot deny that this game is a masterpiece and delivers by far one of the best representations of Batman on a console to date. Grab it if it's on sale or watch for a “Game of the Year” Edition, but either way it must be played.
  • Splatoon: If I would have said that my favorite shooter involved squids and ink you would think I was crazy, but the simplicity and pick up and play appeal made this game a must in the recommendation department. This was the game that really tilted the Wii U towards buy territory for me.
  • WWE 2K16: Improved gameplay, additional modes and a solid roster make this a worthy pick up especially if you find it for less than retail.
  • Rocket League: When you hear a soccer game with cars instead of players you immediately think of shovelware, but Rocket League is so much damn fun that a five-minute game can easily become an hour or two very quickly. The concept, while weird, works surprisingly well.

Accessory Recommendations

  • Xbox Live or PS+A recommendation that carries over from last year because the benefits outweigh the cost. Free monthly games offset the price within the first few months and you can get deals on prepaid cards throughout the holiday season.
  • Astro A40 TR Headset: Astro has really stepped up this year and their A40 TR is no joke, plus the addition of controls for audio while live streaming makes this a solid buy. The price is definitely not for the budget conscious, but the customization and mix amp are tough to ignore for me personally.
  • Vizio SB4051-CO Sound Bar: I was not sure I wanted to put this as a gaming accessory, but having a solid sound system really increases the enjoyment of gaming for me and if you're looking for some solid sound with a 5.1 configuration the Vizio bars are tough to beat. The addition of wireless rear speakers helps reduce clutter.
  • Additional Storage: Storage is so cheap nowadays that upgrading your systems' storage capacity is becoming a must. The PS4 can be upgraded easily and the Xbox One can use most external storage solutions. I recommend the 1TB Gaming Hybrid SSHD from Seagate for the PS4 and the WD Passport X (2TB) for the Xbox One.