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Father's Day is around the corner, and with a lot of stores being closed, I'm sure many are wondering what to get their dad for Father's Day. We're here to help make that a bit easier for you, so you're not stuck buying some random toolset, tie, or cologne. Not that there is anything wrong with any of that stuff, but there are a lot of cooler things out there for dads.

Let's start it off with some tech recommendations.

Apple Airpods 2

While it is easy to recommend the Airpod Pro headphones the Airpods 2 are more than enough for most dads. The Airpods 2 have great battery life, wireless charging, “Hey Siri” and are easy to pair to your Apple device. Price: $169

Oster Countertop Oven W/ Air Fryer

I would never have thought I would be recommending an appliance in a gift guide, but an air fryer is a game-changer, whether it's for chicken wings, frozen foods, or veggies, the air fryer knocks them out of the park. I own the Oster one because it also functions as a toaster oven, broiler, and convection oven, which for the summer is great when you don't want to turn on the oven or feel like grilling. Ninja and Instapot both make top-notch models too if you prefer a single-use appliance or something with a smaller footprint. Price: $199.99

Fire Tablet

Sure, you can get your dad an iPad or Android tablet, but Amazon's offering is more than capable, especially if you throw in a Prime subscription plus if your dad is a big reader, the Fire tablet can get the job done for books, magazines, and comics. If you want to expand the capabilities, you can always sideload some Android apps too, and it won't break the bank to get a full multimedia tablet experience. Both 16GB and 32 GB 7-inch tablets are on sale for Father's Day. Price: $39.99 – $54.99

Ring Doorbell

With so many of us home and getting packages delivered to the house, a smart doorbell or outside camera is a must. The added security and convenience will make you wonder why you never got it sooner. While there are cheaper options out there, the Ring has been a consistent performer whether you're using the rechargeable or hard wired version. Price: $99.99

Wyze Camera

While the Wyze Camera is not an outdoor camera, it is an incredible value at less than $30 with 1080P HD video quality. If you want to use it to watch outdoor areas, it does a solid job out a window, and some people have bought third party accessories that provide additional protection for outdoor usage. However, results may vary since it is not recommended for outdoor use. For outdoor use, we recommend low-cost Blink cameras, although they cost quite a bit more. We use the Wyze cam as a backup baby monitor in our daughter's nursery, and it has never let us down. The best part is you can add a micro-SD card to save your video clips versus paying for a subscription. You can also get a version pan, tilt, and zoom features for a few dollars more here. Price: $24.99

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse

I'm sure many dads are currently working from home without a dedicated office setup. If your dad is relegated to working at the dining room table and doesn't want to run a mouse across the dinner table, then this is the mouse for him. The mouse is rechargeable via USB-C and can be used on more than one system so that this mouse can pull double duty for work and “play.” I am recommending this Logitech mouse not only because it friendly on the wrist but it eliminates cables and mouse pads from the desk. Price: $99.99