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The RAGE Works Horror Movie Survival Kit

Halloween is 3 days away and while most of us grab some candy and watch some of our favorite flicks we occasionally joke about how we would survive the horror movie scenarios we see onscreen. The crew at *Man Crates reached out and wanted to know what we would have in our horror movie survival kit so after much thought I came up with a few different kits for a few different scenarios. Here's what I got

[toggles behavior=”toggle”] [toggle title=”*What is Man Crates?”]You guys know names like Lootcrate and Nerdblock right? Well Man Crates is a cool new company that sells gifts for men shipped in crates you have to open with a crowbar! The variety of crates vary based on interest so there is something for everybody.[/toggle] [/toggles]

Zombie Movie Survival Kit

  1. Katana: Michonne made the concept of a Katana in the zombie apocalypse not only useful but quiet and definitely effective.
  2. Flint and steel: While you may think that you can forage around abandoned houses for supplies the fact remains that you will end up outdoors and you definitely want to be able to cook and have some heat so head over to that abandoned Modells or Cabelas and grab some flint and steel.
  3. Bow & Arrow/Crossbow: Sure, Daryll Dixon made this a cool tool to have in the zombie apocalypse but eventually bullets will get scarce so you may as well use something where if push came to shove you could make your own ammo.
  4. Canned food: If you played Dead Island you know the importance of canned food. Gone will be days of pizza so embrace those baked beans now for when things get bad.
  5. Small shovel /axe: Both can make great weapons in a pinch but can be used to prep traps as well.
  6. Wire stripper: While knives can also do the job we may need to hot wire a vehicle or two so a wire stripper may definitely help. Time to raid that abandoned Home Depot!

I definitely think that Man Crates gets what we need if a zombie apocalypse went down since their Zombie Annihilation Crate comes chock full of undead exterminating goodness that is leaps and bounds ahead of my more functional kit.


Vampire & Werewolf Movie Survival Kit

We'd all like to think that our inner Blade or Selene would come out when a Vampire or Werewolf situation unfolds but let's be real since most of us would be dead within the first 24hrs. Here are some things to get you past the first 24hrs and maybe even live to tell the tale.

  1. Crossbow/Bow & Arrow: Much like with zombies you can shoot a vampire in the heart and live to fight another day. In regards to werewolves, you can at least slow them down and maybe if your hands aren't trembling too much you may even hit one in the eye.
  2. Holy Water: Definitely proven to hurt vampires so why not grab some or stake out a church. Get those water bottles ready.
  3. UV Lights: Raid that Home Depot or hardware store and get your hands on a few of these since vampires do not like them. You do want to live, right?
  4. Knife: You need something to sharpen those stakes right? If it is silver it will be good for that inevitable close werewolf encounter.
  5. A priest: That's a bit of my inner James Woods from John Carpenter's Vampires since this essential person can bless tap water on the fly which when dealing with vampires is a definite plus. Don't go kidnapping any priests though! Please note that a priest would not be available from Man Crates either.

So I've shared a few of my essentials which may or may not be your ideal tools but they have a purpose. Let's hear what tools you would use to survive either of these scenarios. Sound off in the comments below.