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Rejoice Marsmallows! The Veronica Mars Movie Trailer is Here!

“A long time ago, we used to be friends”…

Six years ago, I was depressed. Depressed because The CW and Dawn Ostroff took my all-time favorite TV show EVER, Veronica Mars, off the air for good. I won't tell you how many snickerdoodles I had to consume to get over my heartbreak. (The question is, did I ever really get over it? No.) I have yearned and longed for the day someone…anyone over at The WB would see how rabid we fans were for an acceptable conclusion to the story of our favorite persnickety private eye.

Now, as you are all aware, us marshmallows raised more than enough money to finally get our end of the story through the wonderful folks at Kickstarter. Now as I write this post, filming for the Veronica Mars movie has wrapped and the movie will begin post-production in the coming days. It is a long time coming, but I know Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas won't let us down!


Veronica! Keith! Logan! Wallace! Dick! Piz! Mac! Weevil! Gia! Even Vinnie Van Lowe and Madison Sinclair! My heart cannot contain itself! Take a look at the epic greatness below: