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Rhythm Fighter - Key Art

Rhythm Fighter ‘Beats’ Up Nintendo Switch

Rhythm Fighter is a roguelike, rhythm-based beat 'em up from Coconut Island Games. It originally launched on Steam last Spring and now makes its way to Nintendo Switch. Punch, kick and combo your way through scores of enemies, all while keeping the beat. Check out the launch trailer and pick it up from the Nintendo eShop now!

Rhythm Fighter - Commander Chaos
About Rhythm Fighter

Commander Chaos has used dark Beat Energy to turn Earth’s vegetables into evil minions! It’s up to the planet's heroes to save the world by following the beat! Fight through randomly generated battlefields and choose from a variety of characters. Each hero has their own weapons, skills and styles, to move, roll and attack to the time of the music. There are hundreds of items, cards, and weapons to pick from. The selection even includes items from a collaboration with indie rhythm game MUSYNX to bring even more fun! You must be careful, however, because you’ve only got one life!

Rhythm Fighter is available on Nintendo Switch for $16.99. It is available on Steam for $14.99. For more details, please visit the Nintendo or Steam game page.