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Samsung Wants To Help You Find Your Lost Stuff With Galaxy Tags | CES 2021

When it comes to keeping track of your stuff or finding lost items, the name that comes to mind for me has always been the Tile devices, and while we have heard rumblings of Apple creating their own tags, Samsung beat them to the market with their new line of Samsung Galaxy SmartTags.

The Galaxy Tags are Bluetooth-powered object trackers that can be attached to your keys, purse, luggage, or gym bag, ensuring you know where those important items are at all times thanks to the SmartThings Find app, which will show the last location of the item and will play sounds when close to the item to assist in locating.

Customers will have a choice of two types of Smartags. The standard SmartTag will use Bluetooth 5.0 low energy (LE), while the SmartTag+ will use Ultrawide Band (UWB). The trackers will have a range of 130 yards even when offline.

The new Galaxy Tags will work with other SmartThings devices thanks to its one-touch control capability allowing you to control connect Samsung devices such as vacuums, lights, and other appliances. The SmartTags are water and dust resistant. So how much will the SmartTags be? The SmartTag will have an MSRP of $29.99, while the SmartTag+ will come in at $39.99. You can pre-order yours here and expect it in hand by the end of the month.

The SmartTags are a welcome addition to Samsung's home and mobile ecosystem and will continue to strengthen Samsungs footprint in the smart tech space. While I would have liked to see a card-style tag I think this is a great first attempt at competing with Tile and their offerings.

What do you think about Samsung's new SmartTags? Will you be picking some up for your home? Let us know in the comments.