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Rockstar Verified Grand Theft Auto Online Jobs Update

With exactly 35 days remaining until Grand Theft Auto V and its online compatriot join the current generation of gaming, Rockstar is keeping the fire high as more and player created jobs are being verified. With the additional content provided by the recent Flight School and Last Team Standing updates, the GTA Online community has been running rampant with new ideas. This has kept the game fresh as it enters its thirteenth month since initial release on last generation consoles. For those looking forward to next month’s release on PS4, Xbox One and PC, remember that all of the Rockstar verified online content will be available on day one along with all the new additions the retail disc will provide. Get ready to own San Andreas all over again but make sure to keep running the streets like a boss in the meantime!

Ten player-created jobs have received the Rockstar verified treatment today, including the winners of the Flight School Event Weekend competition. The new jobs are:

  • Dedalus, by jjjpelo
  • Heli Low Fly Zone by LoneWolfOfNorth
  • Dusk by GunterDaPenguin
  • Pylon Slalom by conororor
  • Sprunk Air Race #1 by kapnkyle
  • After School by KakoQr
  • Chopper Bombing by passlake
  • Chopper Killer by Liwetha
  • SA Flight School: Racing by DemonicStalkerr
  • The Flyby by Vance Burrito

Check out these new verified jobs and much more now in Grand Theft Auto Online! For full details, read the story at the Rockstar Newswire. Only five more weeks folks! Get your consoles and/or PCs fired up.