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RW Review: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

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I always hate fumbling for my keys after getting home from a long workday. Even worse is if I'm carrying a big load of groceries in my arms or if I just picked up a package from Amazon. It's annoying to have to put it down, dig around in my pockets, then fight with the door until I'm inside. Thanks to items like smart locks, I don't need to fight with myself anymore when my hands are full. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is an affordable way to improve your quality of life simply without sacrificing security.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock will replace your single-cylinder deadbolt and grant remote access to yourself and anyone else you deem worthy of a virtual key. Available in stylish silver or black, this small item may be one of the best investments you can make for your home or the domain of a loved one.

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Installation is less arduous than expected, primarily because you're not replacing an entire locking mechanism. No special tools are needed; as long as you have a screwdriver, you can dive in. All you have to do is change your lock from inside the door, as the lock on the front of the door remains untouched (so you can still use your physical keys too). If you're handy, it should take you no more than 10-15 minutes to do this. Even if you're not – like me – it won't tack on many more minutes than the average person.

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Once everything is installed on the door, download the August app, set up all your info, and you are ready for keyless entry. The app is relatively intuitive and keeps track of who uses the door and other important information about usability. You can also connect it through Bluetooth to set up auto-locking/ unlocking and some other handy features to make it easier to exit and enter wherever you're using this.

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The nice thing about the app is that it recognizes Yale and August locks and won't affect any other smartphone-enabled devices you have on other doors. In addition, it's clean looking, easy to understand, and works as soon as you download and register!

If your home already uses Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, you can also use any of these services to keep an eye on your place. In addition, you can use biometrics to gain access, including fingerprint and facial recognition.

Previous versions required an additional bridge to connect the lock to your phone, but that issue has been remedied with this latest version of the Smart Lock.

I didn't have too many issues walking up to my door to have it lock and unlock while engaging it with my phone, but sometimes the auto version gave me some problems. Of course, all that meant was I had to whip out my phone and input my code, so it wasn't that it did not completely recognize it. Moreso, it might just be an issue with clothing interfering with the signal or having problems with connecting to your Wi-Fi.

In the event that you lose your phone or smart device, there is a way to immediately and easily disable all of your virtual keys to ensure no one can break into your home using it. The device is also encrypted and requires two-step verification when setting up users.

While this device does not have a touchpad integrated into it, you can order one separately to connect with it. However, ordering it together will cost an extra $40 through their official site.

Your lock will require some batteries and doesn't use a rechargeable lithium-ion or anything like that. One thing that will take me longer to test is the device's lifespan, but I did some research, and based on other reviewers, there is a consensus that this is one of the areas where this falters. The battery life is not as strong as in previous editions, and it uses some odd batteries (a pair of CR123) that you might have difficulty finding in stores. I suggest regularly changing the batteries every three months to avoid potential problems.

Smart locks offer peace of mind, along with some overall savings on things like copying keys and the bonus of tracking who is opening your door. Of course, you can't put a price on safety, but in this case – you can! The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock had a simple installation, was easy to use and understand, and overall sturdy and dependable. I recommend pairing it with the keypad, but overall it's an excellent tool to make your life more secure.

If you're not positive your home is equipped for this smart lock, their website offers more info on deadbolt compatibility. https://support.august.com/deadbolt-compatibility-list-rkzJDLyR_G

If you want to pick up this August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, you can grab it with or without a keypad from their official website, or you can order it through Amazon using our affiliate links, which help this site at no extra cost to you!

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