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RW Review: GE Cync Smart Line-Up

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Smart devices have taken over every room in the house, and now that control reaches deeper with GE and their line of Cync products. Formerly called “C by GE,” the re-branded Cync features easy-to-use smart products for the home that can synch up (see what they did there?) through their proprietary Cync app. The range includes items for inside the home and outside, whether it’s security cameras, lighting, dimmers, and much more.

GE was kind enough to send me a trio of different Cync smart devices for indoor use with a range of functions. Let’s take a look at these products and see how they stack up:

Cync Indoor Smart Plug

The smart plug, which also has a version for outdoor usage, allows you to connect other items like lamps, fans, or many other items and control them with “enhanced functionality.” Use your home’s Wi-Fi (no special hub or bridge needed) to use this right away as more than just your average plug.

Connect this with Amazon Alexa or Google Home to add voice control into the mix and a seamless marriage to products already controlled with either of those services. You’ll never feel powerless again as you can use the Cync app to use many of the functions anywhere you want. Worried about a device you left on during a vacation? Check the app and shut it off!

These are great for conserving energy and saving money on your utility bill, as you can power devices either on-command or schedule them to fit your routine as needed.

Each pack available online to purchase includes only one plug that fits a standard 120V three-prong socket, so you will certainly want to get a few of these if you decide this is a good fit for your home or workspace. The good news is they are small enough to stack above each other if you have two outlets on a wall, offering you a chance to connect even more while taking up minimal space.

Cync Full Color Direct Connect Smart Bulb

Available in a single pack or multi-packs, the smart bulb is exactly like the name says. There is nothing dim about this product, especially regarding the amount of light it outputs. This bulb comes in a few different styles and lumens, which is how to measure how bright a light source is. I was given the 500 lumens version, which is the less powerful version that was still incredibly bright.

The item has identical functionality to the smart plug, a shared experience across the Cync brands if you didn’t already figure that out for yourself. Use Alexa or Google Home to control this with your voice, or use the app to have remote access so that it turns on as soon as you walk into a room. The app also allows simultaneous control of multiple bulbs, not just individually.

The best part of this bulb is the color options you have, though, and the immediate customization at your fingertips! You can dim it, kick it up to super bright, play with the millions of colors, and get it in either the round Globe style or the classic Edison look to stylize it for wherever you place these bulbs.

Cync Direct Connect Smart Light Strip

This is my favorite of the items sent to me, and the one I went out and bought more of immediately!

I’m always on the hunt for light strips that are affordable, customizable, and easy to use, and the Cync strip fits that to a T. It’s like the light bulb in that it has millions of colors and tones, but the strip allows for more customization to fit your personality. It’s YouTuber friendly which is amazing for a content creator like me.

This 80” strip is a powerhouse; don’t be fooled by that number. While it is over six and a half feet long (not counting the power cord included that lets you plug it into an outlet to power on), you can connect this to other Cync strips to make it as long as you can imagine. The only limit is the space you have where you are using it! All you have to do is follow the instructions in the box that tell you where to cut it, along with where to connect it to another strip, plug it in, and let there be light!

The strip attaches with a sticky underside that you peel away to use whenever you are ready, just like a six-foot-long command strip. The adhesive is strong enough to keep your lights firmly in place but easy enough to pull down and move elsewhere if you want to relocate them. It’s also affordable enough to not have to be too concerned if the stickiness eventually wears off and you can’t reuse it (unfortunately, I can’t provide any info on the lifespan of the adhesive at this time since I only just got these recently).

Like the other products, this is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as the Cync app, giving you voice control at home or app control if you’re not.

Add a dazzling light display to your wall, wrap it around a shelf or TV stand, or any piece of furniture to add some new life to your space.

Set up through the app was beyond simple and practically plug-and-play. These devices were made with the intent to facilitate quick installation and immediate functionality, and they certainly achieve that. While it’s great for an upgrade to a tech-savvy person’s home or even a content creator’s video studio, I can see all of these products being a perfect gift to be used by your older relatives or friends to simplify and improve their lives. No one likes complicated set-ups, least of all your Grandma or Grandpa. The Cync products are so easy to set up that even the most impatient Nana or Pop-Pop can handle it and adapt to it within minutes.

All of these and other GE Cync items are available from Amazon, and you can check them out using our affiliate links below:

While you can find some cheaper ones out there, including versions from Amazon itself, you get a lot more bang for your buck by sticking with this established brand. They are superb quality and priced to move, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. Cync up and level up your set-up today!

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