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SDCC 2013: A Re-Imagined Copperhead Will Face Batman In Arkham Origins


The Copperhead character has a long history with the Dark Knight. Copperhead's  first appearance was in Brave and The Bold #78 from 1968 and since then has been used fairly often albeit with occasional changes.  In DC's new 52 Copperhead is now a full on snake man and a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains.

The version you see above is a brand new interpretation of the character introduced for Arkham Origins. DC Comics liked the design so much they will be using this version in their titles. This is not new as Harley Quinn made the jump from Batman The Animated Series in to DC continuity as well.  Check out Copperhead in the newest trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins.

You can't have a new trailer without some new screenshots as well.