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Shane Black’s Predator Makes Its Funko Debut This Fall

Predator - Shane Black

Funko Logo

While horror movie fans have already seen various versions of the iconic Predator over the years the latest wave comes from Shane Black's upcoming reboot/sequel. Predator fans will be able to pick up the Predator, Super Predator, and Predator Dogs in stores this fall. The line will have some retail exclusives and 1-in-6 chase figures as well. Check out images of the full line below.

Funko Predator2018 6
FYE Exclusive
Funko Predator2018 5
Amazon Exclusive
Funko Predator2018 3
Funko Shop Exclusive

Funko Predator2018 Funko Predator2018 7 Funko Predator2018 4 Funko Predator2018 2 Predator - Shane Black

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