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Slick’s Hits: Prototype 2 Radnet Update

If you have not yet played Activision’s Prototype 2 yet, then you are really shortchanging yourself. Unless you have something against random madness in your games and the feeling of being able to take on anything, this is one top action games of 2012 and needs to be experienced. Aside from the game itself, one of the big draws is the free Radnet content that early adopters get. There is as yet no word on how much Radnet will cost once the offer expires, but I can assure naysayers that you will be wasting extra money if you wait until then. Anyway, in this third week since the game’s release, we have two big days; the first DLC and the first set of freebies. Let’s take a look at both.

The first Prototype 2 DLC pack is out.

The first thing players will notice is that the Radnet menu in the game is basically an event calendar. Items are dated and become available on the specified date. The first two pages are fully unlocked as they linked to the first two weeks. The third page announce that the Colossal Mayhem DLC pack was “coming soon” but anyone that bothered to look online knew that meant Tuesday, May 8. As you can see from the video, the added Force Multipliers and the new Thermobaric Boomstick make for some interesting moments in the game. While they can be used anywhere once unlocked, I would think these powers and item are best enjoyed in the red zone, where the madness never stops. It should also be noted that these power-ups are considered cheats, and will remove your ability to unlock trophies/achievements, complete challenges and radnet events until you reload your save file. The game warns you of this, so no real worries. $4.99 on PSN or 400 MSP will get you this DLC pack which at 5MB is not unlocking content already on the disc, it is an actual add-on. After recent Capcom debacles, I know how important that is to some.

I find it hysterical that people always want something free and almos always complain once they get it. The Radnet content itself is receiving some heat for being “content already on the disc.” If that is the case, I say “so what?” If it is on the disc and you get it for free just by preordering versus having to pay for it later, then free is free. At least it is not like the extra fighters in Capcom games where you have to pay from the get go despite the information being on the disc. That said, the already free Radnet pack has two “freebie Thursdays” included, and the first of them is today, May 10. PSN and XBL players get free two free desktop themes: one is of a Blackwatch soldier and the other is Heller wearing his bad ass leather jacket. And yes, all over the net, people are saying “whooptie-doo, it’s desktop themes.” To those individuals I would like to impart a piece of knowledge before I depart. When free items are presented to you, either accept it and say thank you or decline and still say thank you. Do not carry on complaining about something you spent no money on. Instead, enjoy another freebie. This one is on me; have a tall, steaming glass of STFU and go about your business. See ya for the next DLC pack.

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