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Slick’s Hits: Remember Me

Perhaps the most precious of our possessions, and those most frequently taken for granted, are our memories. We have all had that moment where we are trying to remember someone’s name or how an event took place. Some of us unfortunately know the pain and sadness of only having memories left of people and places or even worse, losing our memories altogether. Now think about the age of social media we are in; when you go on Facebook or Google+ or Twitter, you basically are sharing memories via the internet. Everyone on the internet worries about having their personal information hacked and/or their identity stolen. If your memories were as accessible as say, your credit card number or social security number, a person’s entire being would be at risk. They say Big Brother is watching us now and that freedom is not free; if a person could be separated from their memories, that would be the ultimate loss of freedom. How crushing would it be to walk up to someone dear to you and have them stare blankly and shake their head no as you ask them, “Remember Me?

Who is Nilin? Why do the fear her? Why does he believe in her?

One hundred years is a long time. Long enough for a man to literally leave his mark on this planet. How he is remembered is defined by what he does with his time. Antoine Cartier-Wells is one such man. From his twenties, he was already laying the groundwork for what would be the most innovative discovery man had seen to date. Already driven to accomplish his goal of mapping the human mind, Antoine’s work and progress was supercharged by the support and assistance of his one true love, Molly. Tragedy tears them apart and perhaps that is where things went wrong. When he finally accomplishes his goal of understanding thought and helping people to store , erase or replicate their memories, his solution has become the problem. Nothing is sacred when your very thoughts can be taken from you. Why bother to imagine when your reality might be a farce someone made you believe. Find out just how deep this rabbit hole goes when Remember Me releases on June 4, 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360. And if you want to learn about Antoine’s complete journey and unlock bonus artwork and videos, experience the interactive journal of his life. “Promise you’ll remember me?”