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Slick’s Quick Hits: Everly

Salma Hayek is forty-eight years old and this trailer shows that she is still smokin’ hot! Her latest film looks to have come out of nowhere. I have seen zero promotion for this but it definitely looks like a fun movie. Hayek plays Everly, the ex-girlfriend of a mob boss. Looks like she has stolen some money from him and all stops are being pulled out to make sure that she never sees the sun rise again.I am looking forward to what looks like a bit of a Grindhouse-style flick. Hayek is no stranger to those types of movies so if you need a fun action flick to give you the warm and fuzzies in this freezing weather, check it out online this weekend.

Yes people, this apparently is not going to be a theatrical release. If i get information stating otherwise, I will let you know.