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Slick’s Quick Hits: Grand Theft Auto V Goes First-Person

Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially two weeks out from the PS4/Xbox One launch of Grand Theft Auto V and the you can smell the excitement!
Note to self: The excitement” kinda smells like dudes at comic-con…breathe through mouth!
Anyway, Rockstar is not letting up on the announcements building up to the release; today, they confirmed what was only rumor last week. Grand Theft Auto V will be the first game in the series to fully go first person! Previous games have had first person moments, but come November 18, you can play the entire game in first person mode. Available both in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, this is sure to excite the online community.

First, I have to temporarily take on the Barrett surname to deliver some bad news as this feature will be made available only on new versions of the game (PC/PS4/X1); The fans who made the game great who are not upgrading will literally be stuck in last-gen hell. I do hope that changes in the future as it does rather suck for early adopters. The best part about the new first-person mode is that it will be made available at the touch of a button and players can quick swap in and out so as to not impede gameplay.

Questions like what button will switch in and out of first-person were not answered as yet but I am sure that Rockstar will make it so that it is not not something easily hit while playing. With this new view come new animations, a new targeting and cover system and a new control scheme making FPS-style play more comfortable for veterans of similar games. With Call of Duty Advanced Warfare in stores today, we will really see if this new style will make a difference to the FPS faithful.

. . . now if we could only get a Heist Mode.