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Slick’s Quick Hits: Heart&Slash

Heart & Slash - banner

Heart&Slash is the story of a self-aware robot named Heart who wishes to escape the clutches of QuAsSy, the “MCP” of this game. Compared the the drones controlled by the Quality Assurance Systems, Heart is very small. This is compensated for with an array of 75 weapons and 60 bodily upgrades that Heart can choose from. With that kind of help, you would think that Heart's task is simple. That is a gross miscalculation. Heart can and will die. When he does, he is reassembled by QuAsSy and the attempt is made to have you “go with the flow.” When that fails, you start your quest anew – from the very beginning. The rooms are procedurally generated, as is the placement of upgrades, so the path you took the first time does not exist the second. Heart&Slash will require you to remember the weaknesses of enemies, learn which upgrades work best for you. How far will you make it? Will you be able to escape the factory? Find out when Heart&Slash hits consoles and Steam this year.