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Slick’s Quick Hits: Minecraft: Story Mode, Episode 4

Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode Four

Minecraft: Story Mode has progressed to it's penultimate episode. I am worried as to how the story will end considering that Telltale says this episode will end the Wither Storm. I have seen a lot of criticism of this particular tale but I don't care because I have enjoyed it thus far. I want to continue to enjoy it. Fortunately, Telltale's writers have a damn good track record so if they want to shake things up that should make the final episode that much crazier. Episode four of Minecraft: Story Mode is titled “A Block and a Hard Place.” We know that the Wither Storm has become storms. We know that Gabriel has lost his memory. We know that Petra might not see the end of the story. So all that I know is that episode four debuts on December 22 and I cannot wait to see where the story goes!

We know that Reuben the Pig tells dirty jokes.

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