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Slick’s Quick Hits: The Church in the Darkness

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The Church in the Darkness takes a page from real-life events in the mid-1970s. Today we have so many people in this country that complain about the United States in one way or another. There are those that have always said if you have that much of a problem with the U.S., then leave.” Leave is exactly what the people in this story did. Moved to the jungle of South America and started their own community. You are a former officer doing a favor for your sister. Her son has joined what many call a cult and moved to this “Freedom Town” In South America. She wants you to check on your nephew and bring him home, if possible. Watch the trailer and pay special attention to the final words spoken by the Freedom Town leaders. Bringing him home is not going to be easy.

The Church in the Darkness is currently in development for PS4, Steam and Xbox One by Paranoid Productions. When more information is available regarding release and price we will update you on such.

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