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Slick’s Quick Hits: The Witcher III: Hearts of Stone

CD PRojekt RED knocked it out of the park when the released The Witcher III: Wild Hunt back in May of this year. Not only does the game have a deep storyline and satisfying gameplay, but gamers were given a bunch of extra content for free! Well, the free ride is over, but things are about to get even more interesting for Geralt and the gamers that control him. The content promised with The Witcher III Expansion Pack has come a little bit earlier than expected. October 13 will make “Hearts of Stone” available to fans of The Witcher III worldwide!

Geralt of Rivia has been hired to bring down n immortal bandit by the name of Olgierd von Everec. You will encounter thieves, ghosts and monsters of all types during this quest which promises a minimum of ten hours of additional gameplay. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Expansion Pass is $24. 99 and will allow players to download both story packs when they become available.

There is yet another option for those who want to further deepen their enjoyment of the game. If you have not yet purchased the Expansion Pass but are looking forward to the new story content, CD Projekt RED offers a limited edition Hearts of Stone box for $19.99. This will include a download code for the Hearts of Stone DLC and two packs for the Gwent card game featured in the story. The decks will be “Monsters” and “Scoia'tael” and collectors will want to jump on this ASAP. If you have already purchased the Expansion Pack but are still interested in the cards, https://redeemgwent.com/ for instructions on how you can obtain the decks. Once again, Heaarts of Stone is available on all three platforms come Tuesday, October 13, so do not miss it!