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Slick’s Quick Hits: ThunderCats Season 2: The Return of Monkian and Jackylman

At 9:30AM today, March 24, Cartoon Network will begin season two of ThunderCats. The episode titled “New Alliances,” will feature the first appearance in this new series of old enemies Monkian and Jackylman. This time around they will share the luxury once only afforded to SlIthe in the form of (creative) names. Monkian is now called Addicus and Jackylman’s new moniker is Kaynar. I’d wager that they will also be less ridiculous than in the previous show considering the facts that they are leaders of their respective tribes and that Mumm-Ra looks to recruit them personally. Considering that Lion-O’s journey into the Book of Omens in the episode Legacy showed him that he had to unite the animal nations, the ThunderCats will have their work cut out for them.

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