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Slick’s Quick Hits: Vanquish

I am thinking that Sega may have a winner here with Vanquish. The story is nothing really new; a defense satellite is hijacked and turned on the United States (specifically San Francisco) and to prevent further loss of life, your character is sent into space in one of the more awesome power suits I have seen in order to regain control of the satellite and smash the robots controlling it.

Bosses are insanely over the top as this video shows and it does not look like you are going to have too much help on the battle field. Luckily, when you fight like a combo of what one GT.com reader described as “part Gears of War/part Zone of the Enders,” it’s not all that likely that you will need help.

Looks like you may have some NPCs helping you out but most of the work will be done by the player and with huge boss battles like this, that is going to be sooo satisfying.