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Slick’s Quick Hits: NBA Jam

I am gonna start by saying that this game (graphically) looks like (expletive deleted). I am going to follow by saying that I just do not care because we are finally going to get NBA Jam as it originally played in arcades at home! The only down side of this is no Marv Albert but with a house full of friends or (please!) voice chat, who even cares. All you are gonna hear is trash talk anyway.

The announcer is very active and that is a plus because the color commentary is a big part of the experience despite not having Marv Albert’s insanity. And I am gonna give him a pass after hearing “it looks like 3, it smells like a 3…but it doesn’t act like a 3!”

Sorry to say folks, but I could not get any “HE’S ON FIRE!” footage for you. The guys on the demo did not seem to know how to block a shot and regain possession.

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