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Smallville: It’s Almost Over….

This Friday marks the end of an era when our dear Smallville airs its final episode on the CW. For ten years, viewers have loved and agonized over this series, and I for one hope that we get the ending we all want. It’s quite a feat being on the air for so long – many shows don’t make it past the first season, some past a few episodes. What made Smallville last I couldn’t tell you for sure. Perhaps it was the writing, the cast, or our sheer love as a society of all things “Super”. What I do know is that even though I am not a comic connosuier by any means, I loved this show.

Tom Welling, with his portrayal of our mild-mannered hero, has made me love Clark Kent and all that he stands for. He may have been boring as hell at times, but its supposed to be that way. To be perfectly honest, I really do not want to see him act in anything else ever. (Cheaper By the Dozen anyone?) Years spent watching him struggle with his identity, fall in love, out of love and in love again, the battles with the bad guys, the Bizarros, the copious amounts of hay – all worthwhile. Justin Hartley has made Oliver Queen / Green Arrow an integral character to the show. Erica Durance has owned the character of Lois Lane, giving her a brash sarcasm that I have appresciated – even though a lot of you may disagree. Let’s not forget Allison Mack as everyone’s favorite nerdgirl Chloe – even though who the hell is Chloe Sullivan in the mythos? And who can leave out Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor? So many characters throughout the years…I can’t even begin to start listing them all.

Take a look at the CW-issued preview and as well as a sneak peek at the 2-hour series finale that airs this Friday. I cannot wait to see what happens with the return of Lex Luthor and the Lois and Clark wedding (if it happens). Check your local listing for the time, and come back next week for my review of the final episode entitled “Be Evil”. Hopefully I will be able to add a photo of Clark in all of his blue and red glory!