In Smallville news today, we learned a certain well known actress is coming to town to play Lois' (Erica Durance) mom……find out who after the jump………….


That's right – Teri Hatcher – aka Lois in ” Lois & Clark – The Nerw Adventures of Superman” will be playing Mama Lane.

Now, I know what you are saying – WTF – isn't Ella, Lois mother, dead in the comics? Yes – Smallville is not changing the history of Lois here. In the episode titled “Abandoned”, Ella will be seen on videotapes Lois has discovered.

Still, a pretty big casting choice, no? Hit the comments folks.


  1. Having watched the season premeire, I have a renewed sense of hope for the finale. Darkseid was still a completely retarded villain as it is way too early in Superman’s life for him to show up but this was one of the best episodes since Season 2 and the conversation with Jonathan was awesome. They in one action completely validated decades of Lois Lane’s stupidity and made her look pretty damned heroic. It’s really a shame that it took 7 years to have an episode this good again.

  2. Kinda weird since Dean Cain played some kinda psychopath in a previous season. At this point it really does not matter what they do; the season will suck, the end will be lame and the show will finally be over.

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