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Rob Liefeld’s Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1 Gets A 2nd printing

Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1 by Rob Liefeld for IDW

A few months back, we mentioned that Rob Liefeld would be taking his talents to IDW for a new G.I. Joe comic book spinoff following fan-favorite Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes: DeadGame will be both written and illustrated by Liefeld, who comic fans know for his work at Marvel, DC Comics, and Image. It looks like fans were beyond excited to see Liefeld tackle Snake Eyes since issue #1 sold out at the distributor level prompting an immediate request for a second printing of issue #1.

“As I have shared with anyone and everyone, SNAKE EYES is a dream assignment and getting to depict G.I. JOE characters is one of the great thrills of my career! I am so excited that fans of all ages showed up and consumed our first issue and sold us out!” says Liefeld. “Thank you to everyone at IDW and all the fine folks at Hasbro for this opportunity — and huge thanks to all the fans for your support. The best is yet to come!”

Rob Liefeld

“The heat on SNAKE EYES is undeniable!” says John Barber, IDW’s Editor-in-Chief. “And it’s justly deserved, as well. The talented Rob Liefeld and his team — Chad Bowers, Adelso Corona, and Frederico Blee — have really gone above and beyond to deliver a high-stakes, nail-biting saga that won’t soon be forgotten by G.I. JOE devotees. A job well done, everyone!”

John Barber | IDW Editor in Chief

Fans eager to score the 1st printing of Snake Eyes: Deadgame #1 better hit up their local comic shop ASAP before it's gone. Don't know where your local shop is? Visit www.comicshoplocator.com to find a store near you.