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Othercide - splash

Othercide Details Dynamic Gameplay

Othercide is less than two weeks away and Lightbulb Crew is turning up the hype. Check out their first and second dev diaries to see how the game came to be. This week's offering is all about the gameplay. You will learn the Dynamic Timeline System and/or you will die. This is chess taken to the extreme as you think several moves ahead. Organize the Daughters so that one attack pushes your enemy into another. Sacrifice one Daughter so that a stronger one may live to triumph. The minions of the Suffering will claim their lives while you gain experience and ability for the next run. This game is made to be highly replayable.

Othercide - The Daughters
Othercide – The Daughters

Your army of Daughters are comprised of three classes; you must decide what works best. The blademaster excels at CQC; you can use her to knock enemies into other attackers. Shieldbearers have high defense and can be used in various ways. Let them take the aggro while other units prepare their attack. Lastly, the soulslinger is a long range gunner skilled in combos. Healing a Daughter requires life from another and death is permanent. Use your units wisely and learn from your mistakes.

Othercide - Suffer
Get a Jump on “The Other”

Othercide launches July 28th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will be available for $34.99 via Steam and pre-orders get a 15% discount. Xbox One owners will also get a 15% discount if they pre-order in the Microsoft Store. As of today *July 17) the PlayStation Store does not have the game listed. Nintendo Switch owners will have access to the game later this summer. Full details of the game and purchase options are available on the official website.