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SnowRunner - cover

SnowRunner is Now Available

SnowRunner launches today for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. SnowRunner is the latest evolution of off-road truck driving, featuring revolutionary physics, incredible environments, and a massive open world filled with player-driven decisions and missions you can tackle solo or in four-player co-op. There’s also a huge garage of vehicles to unlock, upgrade and customize.

Beyond a tremendous supply of base content, SnowRunner arrives today with support for mods on PC (console mods coming in a future update) — some of which are already available today at https://snowrunner.mod.io. In addition, the development team will continue to build SnowRunner up with free regular updates after launch.

And there’s even more great content on the way with the SnowRunner Season Pass, included in SnowRunner — Premium Edition, also out today. Delivered in four phases, each with its own unique theme and region, the Season Pass will include brand-new vehicles, maps and activities throughout 2020 and beyond. The first Season Pass content drop is expected in the coming weeks, so get ready to brave the tundra and hunt down the wreckage of a lost World War II bomber!