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Sony Begins the Countdown to Horizon Zero Dawn!

In the game Horizon Zero Dawn developed by Sony, a character is seen holding a sword in front of a glowing object.

Ten days separate us before Horizon Zero Dawn becomes available on the PlayStation Store. The actual announcement says that it hits the store @ 9PM Pacific on February 27, 2017. Here in the Big Apple that means we can start thrashing metal at the stroke of midnight on 2/28. The question remains: with Aloy opening that week and Link closing it, WHO WILL RULE? zYour wallets will decide. Sony is putting in a strong bid to make sure their new superstar comes out on top with a bevy of trailers.

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is massive. The map has been only partially seen in previous videos and much has been left to the imagination. Today we have a new trailer giving us a glimpse into the varied terrain of the game. Get ready to explore the vast wilderness of horizon Zero Dawn.

Last week, R.A.G.E. Works showed you trailers featuring four of the massive mechanical monstrosities that Aloy would face in Horizon Zero Dawn. Not everything you encounter will be as large, but there are still many more dangers for our heroine to face. She has the support of her people and some tribes along the way, but Aloy is essentially alone. How will she triumph over these overwhelming odds? How will you survive? These are answers that I, for one, cannot wait to discover for myself.

Aloy is a pure huntress. She is outsized, outnumbered and outgunned, but the enemy has just as much to fear as she does. In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy mainly uses a bow & arrow to keep her distance. She is however, unafraid to break out her spear and get up close and nasty with the largest of her prey. It is not just her own survival that she fights for but that of her people as well. I would love to see what the machines rank her on the threat assessment scale. Let the hunt be joined.

Are you ready to enter the role of Aloy when Horizon Zero Dawn comes to PS4? As a hunter, she will stalk any and all prey necessary to complete her mission; some dozens of times larger than her. As a survivor, she will make her way through a land that is inhospitable to humans and unforgiving of trespassers. Aloy is on a journey of discovery; she must learn of humanity's past to have any hope of securing its future. She will fight, but only you can determine whether she will win. Secure your copy of Horizon Zero Dawn and bcome the hero on February 28, 2017.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Alow stands ready