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Sony Gives Fans A Huge High Five With Update Version 1.70 for the PlayStation®4

Yesterday on Facebook, I posted that this week (04/27/204-05/03/2014) might be, in terms of sheer volume, the biggest week for gamers this year. Now people can say “but what about e3, TGS, etc.” Those are big weeks for game announcements, but they don’t do a damned thing but get us all antsy for weeks like this one. A person may not like everything coming out this week, but just to acknowledge that all of this comes out in a single week:

  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
  • Child of Light
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Daylight
  • YuGiOh Millennium Duels
  • Kirby Triple Deluxe
  • Mario Golf: World Tour

this means that there is pretty much something for everyone. But that is not all. May 1 means that a new crop of games get added to the free collection for PS+ subscribers including greats like Puppeteer for PS3 and Limbo for PSVita. Sony also has many Japanese downloadable titles on sale during Japan’s “Golden Week,” see full details here. On top of all that, Sony proves once again that they are listening to their fans and updates their new console, the PlayStation 4, with a substantial new firmware update. Let’s take a quick look at what PS4 owners get when they turn on their console today. SHAREfactory is clearly going to be a heavily utilized tool amongst the PS4 community. And while it will probably also get abused (see Playroom), I expect more good than bad to come from it. Speaking of Playroom, users can now submit a grief report about an inappropriate profile picture or broadcast. Also the age of the “selfie” has hit the PS4 because you can now use your PlayStation app on your smartphone to update your profile picture. The update I personally was most looking forward to involves one simple checkbox under system settings. This box allows you to enable or disable HDCP. If you are not sure what that is, just know that if you own something like a Live Gamer Portable or a Hauppauge HD-PVR, it was what was keeping you from recording clips using that device. Please note that it only works for games, not for movies. Considering that the internal recording feature of the PlayStation 4 lets you save your clips to a USB device now, you might not even need your capture device anymore. Considering all that is coming out for us during Golden Week and the fact that yesterday was the Emperor’s Birthday, this overload of gaming goodness leaves me with but one thing to say: “It’s good to be the king.”