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Ubisoft Announces the Watch Dogs Season Pass

I joke around calling Ubisoft the 2014 schoolyard bully. People are happily giving up their “lunch money” to get their games which have been quality releases one after the other. Coming this May, one of their biggest new IPs, Watch Dogs will come to consoles and PC. I don’t know anyone that considers themselves a gamer that is not talking about this game in some capacity. The gaming community in general is already chomping at the bit to get their hands on this title and the drool is pooling. So what does Ubisoft do? They dangle and even bigger carrot in front of us by announcing a season pass for Watch Dogs. Now I am one of the first people to groan about paying extra for a full priced title, but when the DLC presented is good, I am quick to jump on it, especially if I am getting a deal on it. Everyone has their own opinion of what is worth their money, so I am gonna shut up right now and let you decide for yourself:

My personal opinion: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Any fans of the show know I do not say that often and I am quick to bitch about DLC, but Ubisoft is giving us a lot even in the $59.99 package. Me being a PS4 owner, I make out like a bandit with the standard buy so I am not mad at this particular pack at all. Nothing will be certain until May 27, but between the description of the story and the gameplay that I have seen, Watch Dogs will be an incredibly enjoyable game and the Season Pass will be worth adding to your purchase.