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Slick’s Quick Hits: Wilfred

Maybe Elijah Wood never made it out of the realm of Middle Earth. He still has strange creatures following him around. Wood plays the character of Ryan, a guy who unsuccessfully attempted suicide and was literally saved by a beautiful girl moving in next door (Fiona Gubelmann). Jenna, his new neighbor, is quick to introduce herself, especially since she needs someone to watch after her beloved dog Wilfred while she goes to work. Just as the show’s tagline says, the world sees a dog; he sees Wilfred. Wilfred, played by co-creator Jason Gann, is an Australian man in a dog suit that takes full advantage of the fact that the world thinks he is this cute little dog. He also takes advantage of the fact that Ryan sees his true form but can do nothing about it because no one else does.

Wilfred–FX trailer

Wilfred is based upon an Australian sitcom called, duh, “Wilfred.” It seems television is just as devoid of originality as Hollywood. However, this show looks like it might be hysterical. Since I won’t see any new episodes of Archer until next year, FX better deliver with this one. I am willing to give it a try simply because I don’t live in Australia and I have never seen the original show. The fact that Jason Gann played the original Wilfred and that show was popular down under is also a plus. Wilfred premieres on FX, Thursday, June 23rd @ 10PM. If it is good, expect to see episodic reviews from yours truly.

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