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Star Wars #1 & Darth Vader #1 Get Director’s Cuts This June

Marvel is riding a wave of great feedback ever since Star Wars returned to the fold. Single issues of Star Wars, Darth Vader and Princess Leia have been selling out across the country and Marvel has already done multiple printings that still can't stay on the shelves.

This June Marvel is re-releasing both Star Wars #1 and Darth Vader #1 with behind the scenes content including script pages and in-progress artwork. If missed both books this would be a great time to grab them and see what all the hype is about.

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The Force is Strong With These Comics –
Announcing the STAR WARS #1 & DARTH VADER #1 Director’s Cuts!


New York, NY—May 12th, 2015 — Two of the biggest comics of the year are about to get bigger! Today, Marvel is proud to announce that the chart-topping, critically adored first issues of Star Wars and Darth Vader will return to comic shops this June for the STAR WARS #1 DIRECTOR’S CUT and DARTH VADER #1 DIRECTOR’S CUT!


Experience the monumental return of the iconic Star Wars franchise to the House of Ideas with the first issues of these two blockbuster ongoing series! Taking place immediately after the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, these two explosive comics follow new adventures of beloved characters from the original trilogy! Created in close partnership with Lucasfilm, these new Star Wars titles exist as part of the canon for the Star Wars universe!


Each director’s cut version features the entire first issue – read STAR WARS #1 or DARTH VADER #1 again or for the very first time! Then, go behind the scenes as you experience the making of these two landmark debuts. See script pages and in-progress artwork from each issue as the Star Wars universe is brought to life as only Marvel could!


Marvel’s burgeoning Star Wars line has already taken the industry by storm, topping charts, returning for multiple printings and embraced by fans and critics alike. The world of Star Wars has made its historic return to Marvel, and no fan can afford to miss out on both these blockbuster ongoing series. Don’t miss the STAR WARS #1 DIRECTOR’S CUT andDARTH VADER #1 DIRECTOR’S CUT – coming to comic shops this June!

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