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Stikbold! Is Here!

Stikbold! - cover

Stikbold is a really goofy, really fun and funky game of dodgeball. With graphics that are reminiscent of Katamari Damacy and characters straight out of the 70s, Stikbold! is screaming to be picked up. Actually, when your partner is down he kinda does scream to be helped up. Maybe it is more of a moan. Anyway, Stikbold! launched on Steam today and will hit PS4 on Tuesday April 5. The Xbox One version will be available next Friday, April 8. In terms of features, take a look at what Stikbold! has to offer:

  • Single player or co-op story mode
  • Multiplayer for up to four people
  • 12 levels with five different arenas
  • 18 unlockable characters
  • Bonuses for repeat playthroughs
  • Minimum three hours of story mode play (per playthrough)

Even these options are just scratching the surface. Stikbold! is fun by yourself or it can be a party game. Download it now and prepare to get groovy with Björn and Jerome as they fight the devil himself for love . . . and for Stikbold!


By the way, Stikbold! means dodgeball.

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