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Stories: The Path of Destinies Has A Launch Date!

Stories: The Path of Destinies - cover art

Stories: The Path of Destinies has lived up to its name and play style before the game has even launched. Our hero Reynardo the Fox gained the ability to retrace his steps. The first thing he did was change the name of his game from Stories: The Hidden Path to the current title. It seems he found the hidden path when he discovered the magical book that lets him backtrack. Now he is on an adventure he must forge his own destiny by creating that hidden path of forward and backwards movement. See what I did there, eh? The best part is that after waiting since last August, we finally have a date to get our hands on Spearhead Games' choose your fantasy game. Right before Tax Day, on April 12, Stories: The Path of Destinies will debut on PS4 and PC. What's more, if you have to pay back Uncle Sam this year, Spearhead Games has your back! Preorder Stories: The Path of Destinies at the PlayStation Store and get 10% off! Get the game for $13.49 instead of $14.99. Help Reynardo find the correct path and maybe next year you will have found the path to a refund*!

*Neither Spearhead Games nor R.A.G.E. Works guarantee that you will get a tax refund next year.