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Street Fighter X Tekken Holy Shi!!!!!

For years we always wondered about what would happen if MK v SF happened or Tekken v Street Fighter ever existed. Well one of these was announced at SDCC this weekend. For the 1st time ever Tekken fighters will meet against the world warriors of Street Fighter. In a move benefiting fans of both franchises Capcom will  oversee Street Fighter X Tekken and Namco will oversee it’s interpretation Tekken X Street Fighter. Damn is it a great time to be a fighting game fan. With the announcement of SF3: Third Strike Online fresh in gamer minds it was a true icing on the cake to have this revealed. Enjoy the teaser !

Kazuya whoops Dan Hibiki


Here are some screen shots as well courtesy of Capcom Unity.

Looks like tag team fights make their long awaited return. Damn I can’t wait