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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Teaser Trailer | DC FanDome 2020

The Suicide Squad makes their debut on next-gen consoles in 2020 as Task Force X must take out the Justice League. The teaser trailer was showcased at the DC FanDome event earlier today with Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, and Deadshot taking center stage. The trailer showcased some of the Suicide Squad's abilities and closed out with the Squad coming face to face with what appears to be a Brainiac controlled Superman dispatching a soldier with heat vision in a battle-ravaged Metropolis.

It was great to see Rocksteady back in the mix with DC Comics. Gameplay details are extremely limited at the moment but I am sure we will learn more about the game and all the characters slated to appear in the coming days. Keep it locked to RAGE Works for more on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and all the news from DC Fandom 20202.