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Super Bowl XLVII Trailer Round Up

The Super Bowl has come and gone. While many tuned in for the championship game between The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers others tuned in to see the advertising spectacle that companies put on.  Super Bowl XLVII was no different as tons of cash was spent to plug movies, cars and booze. We’re here to talk trailers though so let's not waste time. Here are some of the great trailers shown during  Super Bowl XLVII. Take the poll below and let us know which film had the best showing.

The Lone Ranger


Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 fell a bit short with this thirty-second tease. Luckily there is an extended trailer that makes up for it.

Source: Trailer Addict


Source: Movieclips Trailers YT Channel


Oz the Great and Powerful

Source: Trailer Addict


Fast & Furious 6

Source: Trailer Addict


Star Trek Into Darkness

Source: Trailer Addict



Source: Trailer Addict


The Rock definitely had a strong presence this weekend with two films and the milk mustache ad that you can see below.

Source: Mashable via Milk Mustache Campaign YT Channel