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TGS 2015: Final Fantasy XV “Dawn 2.0” Trailer

Square has had a lot of surprises for us this week from World of Final Fantasy trailers to the announcement of Kingdom Hearts II.8, so I for one thought we were going to get some significant news about Final Fantasy XV. I was blown away by the Malboro trailer at Gamescom, short as it was. You can imagine my disappointment when (so far) all we have gotten at Tokyo Game Show was a remix of the weird “Dawn” trailer from a month ago. There is some new footage but this trailer does not give us any idea of what to expect. Make of it what you will, FFXV is set to release sometime in 2016

One thing I did find enjoyable was a “making of” video released today that shows how committed the FF team is to realism as they went out searching for real world material to include in the game. Oddly, this non-game trailer is a lot more exciting than Dawn 2.0, at least to me it is. Enjoy.