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Slick’s Quick Hits: Penarium

If you have ever wanted to participate in a sadistic show that blends together the action of Ninja Warrior and the terror of The Running Man then I have the perfect game for you. I also want to introduce you to our hero, Willy, who would desperately love to switch places with you. Willy has been kidnapped and forced to perform in the psycho circus known as Penarium. It appears that Penarium used to have tons of participants but no longer. I can't imagine why after watching the trailer. If you are a fan of the classic game Smash TV then bet ready for Penarium which is more like Slash TV. Wait, maybe it is more like Bomb TV, or is it Bullet TV – all I know is that it's Killing Willy TV and without your help he will never see his family again! Penarium is available for download on PlayStation 4, Steam and Xbox One on September 22nd and 23rd (Xbox One).