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The Aptly Named ‘GTFO’ Debut Trailer

Last night's presentation of The Game Awards 2017 had a good handful of surprises. Aide from Josef Fares extremely “entertaining” speech, probably the biggest standout was a new co-op survival horror game. If you have ever played the genre with friends then you have likely heard a certain four-word phrase a lot. The newly formed developer 10 Chambers Collective assures you that in 2018, you will hear GTFO a whole lot more.

GTFO - silence

“The narrative of GTFO encourages exploration and discovery. The more you play a character, the more you learn about them – like how they ended up as scavengers trying to survive in this grisly and disturbing underworld called The Complex,” says Adam Gascoine, writer of GTFO.

“The unpredictability and replayability of GTFO is unrivaled in the co-op FPS genre – you and your teammates will never know your way or where the monsters are. You have to use all the tools at your disposal and really be on your toes to get whatever edge you can get” says Ulf Andersson, founder of 10 Chambers Collective.

GTFO - fight for your lives

Simon Viklund continues: “GTFO challenges players to communicate and coordinate. The game’s slogan – ‘work together or die together’ – really says it all: If you merely ‘stay together’ or ‘shoot together’ you’ll just die in a pretty formation. Working together is imperative. GTFO will put you and your co-op team to the test.”