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Is Witchfire Looking to Take the ‘Souls’ Mantle?

During last night's broadcast of The Game Awards 2017, we got to see a very short teaser before the main show began. The words “FROM SOFTWARE” were mixed in and people went nuts. Unfortunately, the teaser was exactly that and showed us next to nothing. On the other hand, the developer of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, The Astronauts, brought us something more filling. An FPS which very much looks like it wishes to challenge From Software. Welcome to the world of Witchfire.

Witchfire - scenery
The Astronauts' photogrammetry tech scans real buildings in 3D and converts them to digital assets for their games.


Despite a trailer full of gameplay, the press release leads us to believe that this was pretty much a tech demo. The Astronauts are hard at work in bringing Witch Fire to the PC via Steam, but the only details they have provided are that this is a “dark fantasy FPS.” They do not wish to say more now because the game is far from release according to their words. Regardless, they are clearly using the same technology that made Ethan so beautiful and intend to push it even further.

This will be a game to watch. hopefully by e3 (or sooner) we will have some story details and possibly another trailer. Whatever From Software is working on will likely be fantastic, but they should know that they have some real competition here. First we saw GTFO and the terrifying monsters of that game. This one might be even worse as there is nowhere to GTFO to when you are already outdoors!