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The Cosplay Of Special Edition: NYC

Special Edition: NYC roared into the Big Apple this weekend, and with it came a cavalcade of artists, comic creators and numerous vendors showcasing a ton of old and new collectibles. But, one of the highlights of our coverage was all the amazing cosplay on display. Men, women, and children of various ages took to the show floor to showcase their amazing, creative and unique interpretations of their favorite heroes and villains for attendees. Have you ever wondered what Deadpool would look like as a Super Saiyan or how Nightwing would look with Stark tech? Those questions were answered this past weekend and the results were as awesome as you'd expect. Enough with the text let's get to the cosplay!

We'd like to thank all the cosplayers who posed for us throughout the day. If there are any cosplayers who have websites or social media and they would like linked to their photos, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We'd also like to thank Reed Pop for allowing us to cover this event.