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“The Dark Knight Rises” Casting News!

Our dear friends at Warner Bros. announced some casting choices today for the third Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. Director Christopher Nolan has landed Anne Hathaway to  play Catwoman's alter-ego Selina Kyle. (However, interestingly absent from their notice was the word “Catwoman.”)

Also announced was that Inception star Tom Hardy will be playing Bane in the flick. Will he get to break Batman's back a'la the comics? Who knows? It had been rumored that Hardy would be in the movie – playing either Hugo Strange or Clayface. Are you happy with the switch?

What do you think of these casting choices? I personally would like too see Hathaway embrace Catwoman's dark side – since we usually see her in all my favorite rom-coms or Disney movies. As for Tom Hardy, I don't really know his work enough to make a decision. So that I will leave up to you readers. Hit the comments.