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The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan Dev Diary # 2

A man is smiling in front of a clock in the upcoming game "Man of Medan" which is part of the "Dark Pictures Anthology" series.

BANDAI NAMCO and Supermassive today released Part 2 of Shawn Ashmore’s developer diary for the upcoming narrative-horror anthology series The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan. Part 2 of the dev diary dives into the creative process of breathing life (and death) to one of the game’s key characters. The video concludes the two-part series and further showcases Man of Medan’s talented cast and chilling story. Shawn Ashmore, who served as the actor for the character “Conrad,” provides key insight into how Man of Medan was built, and how this unique horror experience will bring terror to the high seas in this highly-anticipated entry in the upcoming game anthology. 

In case you missed part 1 of Shawn Ashmore's dev diary, here it is:

Developed by Supermassive Games, the studio behind Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan is a series of standalone cinematic horror games linked by one common element: that every playable character can live and every playable character can die throughout the story. This yields numerous possible endings and near-limitless replayability. Man of Medan will be anchored by a talented cast of actors. Pip Torrens will be a consistent character, the Curator, in all games in the anthology, whose in-game likenesses are rendered in vivid detail.

The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan begins on August 30, 2019.