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The Future of My Take Radio and MyTakeRadio.com

Greeting Readers, Viewers and Listeners,

Since 2009, My Take Radio has strived to deliver easily consumable and thought provoking content pertaining to MMA, wrestling, gaming and entertainment to our audience both on air and on our website. However, all good things eventually must evolve and adapt with the changing times.  MTR originally started as a simple podcast in 2006, and then in 2009 we turned it up a notch not only delivering some of the best long form content in the game but interviewing and meeting a ton of great people. This year we celebrated our five-year anniversary and it got me thinking about how we could further evolve MTR once again.

I realized that our coverage on the site had outgrown our on-air product and become a separate entity all its own. I decided that rather than force our on-air product to adapt to our current website offerings, it was time to create something new and exciting that would deliver all the  great stuff you've come to enjoy but also be  the parent brand for our on-air product and anything else we launch going forward.  Since I am known for my wonderful disposition and at times a surly demeanor, I came up with the moniker of RAGE Works – which on the surface embodies what makes MTR special; that meaning my usual angry ramblings. However, this name formally stands for Reviews and Rants about Gaming, Entertainment and “The Works”. RAGE Works will harness everything MTR is known for and apply it on a bigger scale. I have decided that RAGE Works will be the parent company not just for the My Take Radio brand but some other cool stuff we have in the works for the future.

However, this does not mean that My Take Radio will go away. On the contrary, this will allow MTR to keep its identity as an on-air product along with MTR Behind The Mic, MTR Beyond The Mic and the newly launched Buried! Show and a few other shows that will be part of  the RAGE Works Radio & Podcast Network.

Now, you may be wondering what kind of changes are happening and when will they take effect? I decided to create some FAQ's to answer that, which you can read below.

  • What happens to mytakeradio.com?

o   MyTakeRadio.com will remain active for live shows and show archives. Show archives and the ability to listen and watch live shows will also be available at RAGEWorks.net.

  • What happens to all of the content that is non-show related i.e. reviews , columns etc?

o   Most of that content will be moved to RAGEWorks.net and the rest will remain on the MTR site as   archives.

  • Will you be keeping the MTR Facebook, YouTube and Google+ pages?

o   The MTR Facebook will remain and so will the YouTube since both still get interactions. The bulk of the   conversation will be on our RAGEWorks fanpage and YouTube Channel going forward. Links will be             available in the coming days.

  • What about @MyTakeRadio on Twitter?

o   My Take Radio’s Twitter account will become @RAGEWorks by this weekend, so you will see that change soon. There may be a separate MTR Twitter account, but we are still undecided.

  • What about Twitch for all the games you stream?

o   There will be a RAGEWorksTV Twitch account going live this weekend.

  • Will all the MTR staff be heading to RAGE Works?

o   As of right now, the entire MTR family will be joining me at RAGE Works!

  • Will live broadcasts be affected?

o   As of right now the current schedule will remain, but MTR will most likely head to twice a week in late   September.

  • Will you still be on GFQ?

o   Yup!

  • Are you still bringing back the forums?

o   It may happen since Facebook sucks for conversation, but if and when it does is still a while off.

  • How can we get updated on all the changes?

o   Social media is still key and you can always use the contact forms on the sites.

  • Will you guys keep doing the live blogs?

o   Yes! Those will now be on RAGEWorks.net going forward.

  • New T-Shirts?

o   Coming soon!

  • Will MTR get a redesign to look like RAGE Works?

o   We are considering it to keep things unified.


I hope this clears things up and answers any questions you may have.  If you need further info, don't hesitate to email us or ask on social media. I hope you guys will continue supporting us as we embark on this next chapter!

Thank you all for the support over the last five years,